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My P90X Experience and Beachbody!

By phattyfit On April 21, 2010 No Comments

Hi everyone my name is Gianni Licari and I would like to welcome you to my website blog. You probably found me by either searching for the workout program P90X or something related to Beachbody. So you’re either fishing for some information to make your decision to commit to doing the P90X program or your finally committed and want to follow someone who has had success with it. Here you will find your answers to many questions and hopefully cure your skepticism. Yes that is Tony Horton standing next to me in the picture!  On this site I write about my success that I have had with the program as well as the business side of Beachbody. The most important thing for me was becoming a firm believer of one of Beachbody’s most famous workout called P90X. See my story is simple and most likely common to many others out there. A friend or infomercial will convince you to purchase the P90X program.

I hadn’t spoken to my friend Brad in about

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P90X Meal of the Week (Breakfast!)

By phattyfit On July 20, 2011 No Comments

I usually allow myself approximately10-15 minutes to eat breakfast.  Although cereal is still the easiest its not always the best choice.  Cereal is packed with so much junk that we think it is actually good for us.  I absolutely love cereal and only stick to two kinds.  Kashi with fiber or Special K.  I did want to share another one of my simple recipes with you as I now have been a beachbody coach for 3 years.  I typically workout in the morning and it is challenging to use a blender without waking my children.  I usually save the blending for the  weekend as you never want to wake a child.  If you have little ones and can make it fun for them to make they are more likely to eat it.  My daughter and son always fight to be able to push the buttons on my Vitamix.  So below is a simple way to make a lot of yogurt in a short amount of time.  If you would like some more p90X meal ideas then click here.


Strawberry Yogurt 


1 cup cottage cheese 2 tbs. heavy cream3

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Shakeology Tropical!

By phattyfit On July 19, 2011 No Comments

I have been in love with the chocolate for years now and I am eager to try the new tropical flavor.  Last year Beachbody was going to launch a vanilla flavor but it was affecting the natural ingredients so they stopped production.  This year they are finally able to launch a new flavor of shakeology.  Stay posted as it will hit the shelves soon!  If you can’t afford this but still want to eat like a champ then check out some other healthy meals here


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